About Our Services

At Natale's All tailoring is done at the store with Free basic alterations for Life. For over 40 years we've brought you Quality Men's Clothing and Premium Service. Our loyal customers have come to expect premium service, selection and attention to detail that separates us from the competition. We understand you have many options in the marketplace, our goal is to impress you to the point your first and only choice is Natale's Men's Clothier.

Personal Shopping
At your request, one of our sales associates will pre-select garments that fit you style and notify you of their arrival in the store.

Home Delivery & Shipping
We ship to anywhere in the United States and Internationally. If you're in town, we can hand deliver to your door for added convenience at no charge.

We proudly offer luxury hand-tailored garments personalized to suit your individual taste and style. Your measurements are kept on file and updated as needed, so a new garment can be specially created for you at any time. A wide variety of models and fabrications are available from the following brands:
Emanuel Berg and Samuelsohn

Our one-site expert tailors will happily work with you and your sales associate to create the perfect fit.
One of the few specialty stores remaining that has a full tailor shop on premises. Where other operations might do basic alterations, our expert, old-world tailors are skilled in doing whatever is required to give your garments a perfect fit and make them look as if they were custom made just for you.